Health Diaries > Celebrity Health Writes About Decomposing Bodies posted a gruesome post today about Anna Nicole Smith and the technical details about how bodies decompose and what may be happening to her body.

Not really sure why they felt the need to post about decomposition in such detail, but I guess it was interesting from a technical point of view if one is interested in what is happening to Anna's body as it waits for burial.

For the first few days after you stop breathing and your blood stops flowing, your body's cells still think they're alive, and start to digest themselves from the inside, though your brain cells typically die within three to seven minutes after you do. Your skin, as it begins to get ingested by enzymes, begins to slough, slip, and shrink, causing sheets of skin to fall away; it's this shrinkage that explains the myth that your hair and nails continue to grow after death.

However, the most interesting thing about the post on TMZ is the comments. People are completely freaked out because they think the editorial picture TMZ used was of Anna Nicole's real feet with a toe tag!

TMZ: Decomposing Anna

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