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Anna Nicole - A Bonfire in a Hailstorm

There have been thousands of articles about Anna Nicole Smith over the past few days. People are trying to scrape together the words to explain just who she was and why she mattered. By far the best article so far has been written by Cintra Wilson at

Anna Nicole was a star because she possessed an unusually large amount of beauty. At her best, she didn't evoke Marilyn Monroe so much as Anita Ekberg in "La Dolce Vita" -- the strapless black dress, mounds of white flesh, piles of blond hair. She was indelicate, but an unstable element nonetheless -- not so much a candle in the wind as a bonfire in a hailstorm.

The article looks at Anna Nicole as the complicated and imperfect person that she was without asking, as so many others are, whether Anna's life had enough value for us to care about her death. Goodbye, Vickie Lynn.

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